Less Money For Better Service!

Three Reasons Yon Don't Have the Aquarium You Want

-You don't have the time

-You don't have the knowledge

-You haven't heard of Our Aquarium Maintenance Service

Why does Tropical Island Do the best work?

We are a local retail store which has been open for over eight years. Our beautiful showroom is located in Deer Park, where we showcase our design and offer the most exotic aquatic life. Our highly trained staff is available to our clients 365/24/7. They will bring their professional knowledge as well as use the best products and equipment to simulate your fish's natural habitat as closely as humanly possible. We are professionals as well as hobbyists, so we understand the value of your tank. We do what we love, and our passion will have you in love with what we do.

Benefit pocket

-Water Change

-Water Quality Awareness


-Equipment updates


-Clean and Maintain Protein Skimmer

-Free Delivery of Livestock and Supplies. 

Extra Benefit

10% off at all purchase from our retail store! 

Such as but not limited to:






100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back